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The 2013 iGrant winner is Advanced Microsensors! Click here to read about the award presented to Nena Golubovic during Venture Forum at Southern Oregon University November 14, 2013.

Nena_GolubovicThe winner of the iGrant 2013 is Advanced Microsensors of Shrewsbury, Mass., which is developing a patented breast cancer screening and chemotherapy monitoring device. Heather Stafford, Executive Director of Sustainable Valley and Jessica Gomez, CEO and Founder of Rogue Valley Microdevices in Medford, presented the award to Nena Golubovic at Venture Forum Dinner at Southern Oregon University on November 14, 2013.

“We are very excited about this and we look forward to an exciting year,” Golubovic told the Venture Forum audience of about 140 people.

The iGrant provides support to develop and commercialize a new medical imaging technology for breast care, she said.

“This technology can be a game changer, “ Golubovic told the Venture Forum audience. “It has the potential to tremendously improve quality of life of cancer patients and decrease health care costs by reducing the cost of disease management and treatment.”

“Not only can we detect cancers earlier, we can also monitor chemotherapy in real time. A patient diagnosed with breast cancer and undergoing chemotherapy does not have to undergo the entire course of the therapy if it is not successful,” she explained. “Nothing like this exists in the market today. Our technology is designed around the concept of looking at blood vessels within the tumor. You can see the changes in those blood vessels in the tumor and you can see how the tumor is progressing or how the tumor is responding to the chemotherapy.”

“The iGrant award will mean a lot for this project because it provides us with immediate resources,” Golubovic said. “Also in the long term, it means opportunity to collaborate in the future with resources here in this region.”



Inspiration Grant

Designed to help researchers with brilliant ideas see those ideas through to a finished product, the 2013 Sustainable Valley iGrant is a technology innovation grant to help researchers, entrepreneurs and engineers bring new technology or technology-based businesses to life. iGrant applications are open to researchers, engineers and entrepreneurs in the process of building technology start-up companies or designing new technology associated with the biotech or biomedical, MEMS and Nanotechnology fields.

New technology must be geared towards commercialization and teams must have at least 2 members. 

This technology grant will provide more than just monetary support, it will provide:

1. Expert Business Support and Development Services, iGrant recipients will be provided with professional technical and business support including engineering, business development, device design support and consultation.

2. Professional Business Mentoring. iGrant recipients will also receive expert mentoring and guidance in legal, financial and investment areas.

3. Full Access to Professional Business and Cutting Edge Lab Environments. iGrant recipients will have access to office and conference space as well as access to cutting edge fabrication equipment, metrology equipment, state-of-the-art clean room, and manufacturing materials, as well as chemicals and other common gases at the Rogue Valley Microdevices lab facility.

4. Additional Technology and Start-up Benefits.  iGrant recipients will have access to seminars, workshops and other business growth and development events. Part of the $175K iGrant is a $25K cash award to help the recipient’s implementation costs. iGrant recipients will also have access to student interns and helpful business school teams.

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1. Technology-based Start-ups

2. Researchers with a team of at least two individuals

3. Entrepreneurs with a team of at least two individuals

4. Compelling technology teams

5. University spin outs

Teams should be developing technology related to the fields of:

• semiconductor devices

• microelectronics

• biomedical devices

• nanotechnology

• wafer fabrication

• MEMS technology

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The Deadline to Apply for the iGrant Technology Grant is July 20th, 2013

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We understand you may need some time to get your information in order. By registering we can reserve your entry while you work on the details of the application. We will provide a downloadable application with complete entry information upon registration.

Five finalists will be chosen and the winning recipient will be announced on July 30th, 2013.

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Our Mission with the iGrant is to Foster Technology and Business Growth. Bringing new technology to market is difficult to say the least and the iGrant was designed to help individuals with brilliant ideas see those ideas through to completion by providing funding, business support, equipment, facilities and expert consultation. In exchange for these valuable assets necessary to develop new technology, the Sustainable Valley Technology iGrant will help foster sustainable business growth in Southern Oregon.

The Rogue Valley has the environment and capability to replicate the same business technology ecosystem seen in the Silicon Valley and Tech Boom in Seattle. The Biomedical, MEMS and Nanotechnology fields are thriving with no signs of slowing. This is creating new opportunities; including the opportunity to bring sustainable business growth to Southern Oregon as well as helping researchers bring their ideas to fruition.

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